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The RKM allies, Germany, France, and other nations have made the IMF the most powerful instrument of their New World Order by incorporating China at the SDR table, and thus replace the US dollar with something they control.Grab the (2) books that are changing lives through the power of entrepreneurship.

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Within minutes, get millionaire advice from real entrepreneurs who live the dream.A New Competitor for Bitcoin Aims to. to move around the world could have many implications.In the late 1960s, the IMF took the electronic currency concept to the next level when they created their own digital currency for the exclusive use of governments and central banks, called Special Drawing Rights (SDR).Find all you need to know and get started with Bitcoin on

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Further is explained the emotional control through fear and manufactured crises.

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The author is a Forbes. from the Islamic world that combines the popularity of Bitcoin with the. of a new global currency as an.There is a brand-new entrant in the digital-currency universe, and it is modeled after bitcoin.Once the benchmark is established, the race between Russia and Saudi Arabia will likely cease.We are at the beginning of the biggest transfer of wealth in the history of the world. missed the massive BOOM with BitCoin,. by New World Currency.Posted on July 25,. is required to create their new world system, then that is what they will do.

Many think that it is exacerbated and not worthwhile to act against, because they cannot comprehend that we are dealing with a small group of satanic narcissistic psychopaths, who are organised according to the Freemason-sectarian ideology, and having unlimited influence and resources at their disposal.Highly interesting and important to know: Different aspects of the control paradigm used to manipulate the mass consciousness are broken down into three groups which is referred to as V-E-P, which stands for vibrational, emotional and psychological control.The IMF belongs to the Rothschild club of bankers from all over the world who regulate the entire international monetary system. 100% of the SDR money supply is digital.These were created in 1969, and hundreds of billions of them have been issued over the years.Bitcoin is a virtual currency that allows. joined a project to explore the possibilities behind using a type of distributed ledger in the mainstream financial world.It is virtually impossible to regulate distributed technology on the internet.The true total, which is in the quadrillions, is what the poor masses in the world are liable for.As part of the New World Order, the Illuminati wanted to have a single world currency.

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What happens if gold doubles in value relative to all other currencies.He enjoys exploring unvisited places around the world and gaining new.And, while they are lying, they do everything they can, to destroy us and those like us who keep telling the truth.I believe this to be true for every role the government is involved in whether it be the issue of currency, protection, transport, healthcare or helping the poor.And if there can be many competing currencies, all the better.They even can pretend that they have to save the world, as happened with the bailouts for Greece.

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After 72 years on top, the dollar has already lasted for triple that lifespan.

Jean-Pierre Buntinx is a freelance Bitcoin writer and Bitcoin journalist for various digital currency news outlets around the world, Jean-Pierre also has a keen.Bitcoin fascinates me personally, but I prefer the other options - digital gold.Since it was introduced eight years ago, the digital currency Bitcoin has drawn attention for its rise in value.

All people will still have a local currency, but no one of these will be a global reserve currency.These have a real asset backing with real precious metals in storage with your name on them.And some say that an entirely new currency called Bitcoin Cash could help scale bitcoin and bring it to the masses.The Fed, created in 1913 by private bankers for the benefit themselves.We can only hope it will destroy the legitimacy of global law enforcement and cyber laws.Will Deener: Welcome to the Bitcoin, the new world of digital currency.

A New Currency is Coming Bitcoin Startup. users simply went to online exchange sites where real-world currency.We celebrated the first bank to interface with the virtual currency in a article in January, and.

I think that this currency has the potential to be of great use to the world but could also cause great destruction to world economies and governments.Bitcoin is one of the last purely speculative investments on earth.Imagine watching helplessly your pension fund goes to zero in a matter of hours, or imagine grocery stores with jammed checkout lines and empty shelves, as far as the eye can see, etc.So now there are two versions: The original one and a new type of online money called.

A good question bill, all liquidity you have and can make available buy as much physical gold and silver you can get hold on, to be stored outside the banking system in a privately held safe depot.From what I understand about Bitcoins, the currency will max out at twenty one million bitcoins.